Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October- My favorite month

I have to say that October is my favorite month.  Things just feel different in October.  The air becomes crisp and a chill creeps in.  The feel of the month becomes a great promise of things to come.  It's a great month for textures.  The crunch of the leaves, the smell of the damp Fall ground, the sounds of the birds making their way South for the impending winter, the beautiful, magnificent colors of the leaves (ours were brilliant this year), and finally the taste of all things pumpkin and spice. 

There is a certain magic in the air when October hits and it gets stronger and stronger the closer we get to Halloween.  The children get excited and are giddy with the anticipation of wearing their carefully chosen costumes and gathering as much candy as possible on All Hallows Eve.  The decorations that (sometimes quickly and in September) appear on porches and in yards are a tell-tale sign that fun and mischief are on the way.

October is also a gateway month into the holiday season.  It leads into the first snowfall and coldness of winter, turkey cooking, present buying, carol singing and another round of decorated porches. 

I LOVE October! 

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