Monday, October 28, 2013

It's pumpkin time!

Halloween is almost here!  I still have no idea what i'll be wearing.  I had talked about sending Chad out with the kids trick or treating and me staying home to hand out candy.  Still not 100% decided on that one.  I do have some costumes from years past that I could wear so i'll have to get in the tote today and pull some out and see what I've got.  Addison is going as a witch.  I found her super cute costume at a yard sale earlier this year for $3.  Eli is going to be Thomas the Train again and Samuel is going to be the Headless Horseman. 

Yesterday we carved our pumpkins, well most of us did.  Samuel was too lazy to finish cleaning his out and start carving it so it still sits in the kitchen waiting for attention.  Here are some pictures:

  The kids showing off their dirty pumpkin gut hands. 

My haunted house pumpkin.
Chad's pumpkin.
Addison's pumpkin.  She carved it all by herself, I just helped push the pieces out. 
Eli's pumpkin.  He did pull out some guts and then lost interest so I cleaned it out and carved it.  He is only 4 afterall. 

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