Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween Decorating

This past week driving around post and town, I've noticed that people are already decorating for Halloween.  Normally i'm dying to start decorating come mid-September but this year I've easily held out.  Am I losing my right to fly my holiday freak flag?  I honestly just haven't thought much about decorating yet, I've just been too busy I guess.  I have thought about making decorations with the kids, like black and orange paper chains to hang in the windows, bats to hang from the ceilings and pressing leaves in wax paper to hang in the windows as well. 

This afternoon I decided enough was enough and dug through the Halloween décor in the garage.  Samuel was home from school because he had a fever all weekend, he's fine today but we are following the 24 hour fever free with no meds rule so he stayed home and helped a little.  I pulled out everything I wanted for inside the house and made a pile of the outside stuff that needs to be put up (i.e. lights).  I would love to get more decorations this year but it's just not going to happen so we'll work with what we have.     

This weekend we went on a trail walk and picked up many pretty colored leaves.  When we returned home I laid them all out, got rid of the crinkly, too dry ones and put the rest between the pages of two books to press them.  The leaves here are changing rapidly now with our cool nights which is perfect since we are having family photos taken on Saturday.  We got our pumpkins several weekends ago, now that was early so I guess I can still fly my flag.  :) 

We were only going to get small ones to decorate the porch with and pick up our carving pumpkins later but when we got to the weigh station and found that military receives half off all pumpkins, we decided to go ahead and get all our pumpkins.  We got over 100 pounds of pumpkins for $21.60.  They are $.15 a pound at Old McDonald's Farm whereas other places charge $.39 or more per pound.  Can't beat that!   

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