Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween here in the North Country was a wet one but we ventured out anyway to Trick or Treat.  I chose not to dress up this year because I wanted to be comfortable.  Samuel went with his friends and Chad and I took the younger two.  We covered quite a bit of ground but could have done more had we not all been soaking wet.  Overall I think the kids were happy with their candy haul.  It was less than in years past but that's fine because I threw away a bunch of candy from last year just last week. 
Every trace of Halloween is now gone from our house.  We threw our pumpkins out with the trash pickup on Friday and Chad took down all the outside stuff this morning.  I went through the storage totes and put it all away and then back to the garage it went.  We do have another Halloween party to attend this evening but we will be without costumes because i'm not dragging them back out again. 

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