Thursday, September 5, 2013

School is in session!

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids!  And yes, that is my husband yawning in the background.  Of course, the busses were late in the morning.  In the afternoon Addison's bus was early and the driver wouldn't let the kids off because no parents were at the bus stop.  I walked up around the appointed time the bus was to be there and he asked me where all the parents were.  HA!  I'm the only parent that ever goes to the bus stop most of the time, morning and afternoon.  So he went ahead and let the kids off the bus.  He would have been sitting there a very long time if he would have waited for anyone else.  We only have one K level kid on the bus this year and he didn't get off so I hope his parents picked him up or he went to daycare or something.  The other few kids are all 2-3 grade.  The bus driver is new (to our route anyway) and thought it was policy not to let the kids off.  I told him that last year it was only Kinder age that had to have a parent present.  Samuel's bus was very late getting back.  Apparently they left school 30 minutes late for whatever reason so he didn't get home until almost 5.  Hopefully the kinks get ironed out this week. 

Samuel, the oldest, is in 5th grade and has a "new to the school" teacher.  His teacher came from teaching Kindergarten for 9 years.  I hope the year goes well as it seems like he may be too lenient of a teacher, but maybe that will be a good thing.  Who knows!

Addison is in 2nd grade and is excited about her teacher.  They are allowed to bring a snack and eat it whenever they want to.  The only thing she didn't like is that the bathroom and water fountain are not in her classroom this year. 

Eli, my youngest, started Pre-K in the afternoon session.  He goes for 2 1/2 hours every day.  He seemed to have a good time and they made Kissing Hands.   

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