Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Do your children receive allowance?  Do they get it weekly, monthly?  How do you figure out how much they get and do they have to do chores to get their allowance or is it just given? 

We started a regular allowance in January of this year.  They each got half their age in dollars a week.  So, Samuel was 10 so he got $5 each week, Addison $3 because she was 6, and Eli got $1.50 because he was 3.  We do increase it when they turn a year older.  They each were expected to make their beds, brush their teeth, pick up their toys but I don’t think we ever withheld allowance if they forgot one day.  I decided to teach them a lesson with their allowance.  1/3 of the allowance was set aside to go into their savings account (they never see this money it gets annotated on my chart and then when it reaches a significant enough amount I do a transfer from our checking into their savings), 1/3 was theirs to do with what they wanted, and the last 1/3 was put into a special jar for charity.  I got two Mason jars for each child and Chad helped them create labels for them to tell which one was charity money and which was spendable allowance money.  They sit in their rooms on their bookshelf. 
We went on vacation over the summer and Samuel went to his dad's so we stopped allowance.  We will resume when school starts back up this week.  I was keeping a chart on plain white printer paper but i'm thinking that this time i'll keep track of each child's earnings on their own piece of paper or just do it on the computer.   

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