Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost Back to School Time!

Are you ready for the kid’s to go back to school?  Our youngest, Eli, will start Pre-K this year.  He only goes in the afternoon for a couple hours but it will be nice to have that time to myself.  Although I will probably be lost as to what to do in the beginning.  He will have speech three times a week in the mornings so we’ll have to work everything around that as well which can be difficult at times.  I opted to have the speech sessions here instead of interrupting what little school time he will get this year.  When he only goes for 2 ½ hours a day, a half hour of that time for speech can really make a difference and I don’t want him to miss anything important at school.

I have the first PTO meeting tomorrow afternoon for Samuel’s school.  His is the only one that I really got involved in last year.  I was the Box Tops Coordinator and plan to do the same again this year.  Addison’s school has a PTO but it’s mostly comprised of staff and very few parents.  I went to one meeting and felt like there were no volunteer opportunities since they didn’t open it up to anyone new so I never went back.  I won’t get too involved at Eli’s school because he won’t go there for Kindergarten next year.  He’ll ride the bus and go to Addison’s school.  Our district doesn’t bus for pre-k so if you get them registered in time you get to pick which school they attend.  I picked the one closest to us since I have to drive him and pick him up.

A plug for Box Tops, if you have an elementary age child please save those box tops and send them in on a regular basis.  They really help schools earn money!    

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