Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Addison’s Room Makeover

Unfortunately I didn’t take “Before” pictures.  We were at a Girl Scout lock-in the night that Chad started painting and moved everything.  I’m sure I have some previous room pictures somewhere but I’m too lazy to look for them.  Here is Addison’s newly painted and decorated room.


The table in this picture is mine, it was a yard sale find several years ago and I love it.  She is just borrowing it until we get a floating desktop in.  That area will be her arts and crafts area.  We have been saving tin cans that we will decorate with pretty paper to store pencils, markers, scissors…  We also purchased a small plastic 3 drawer container to put supplies in and right now it’s under the table (not pictured, it was purchased after these photos).


My mom hand painted those letters for Addison for Christmas one year.  The butterfly was a gift from my mom as well.  Addison colored and decorated it herself, it was a kit.


The owl picture is from Ikea. 


Right behind the bed I created a reading nook.  We hung some garland lights (from a garage sale) on the wall and put the bean bag chair back there.  There is also now a lamp on top of the bookshelf that we recently purchased after I snapped these photos.


Another view of the reading nook.


This is looking from the window.

I wasn’t sure about the colors she picked but once they were on the walls and dry, they grew on me and now I love them!  The wall with the dresser is a lighter green and the rest of the walls are darker. 

The boys rooms got redone as well but I still need to snap pictures.  My camera batteries died right after I snapped these. 


Luludou said...

Beautiful room for a beautiful girl. Love the hand-painted letters your mom made. Nice green color

Anonymous said...

Great colors. Love the name. Ahorsesoul from MHH