Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ice Cream!

While in most other places the end of the school year has brought the beginning of summer, we are still in school and have about a week left.  One of our favorite things to do since we moved to Upstate New York is to visit the local ice cream shacks.  There is no Dairy Queen up where we are so we had to improvise.  There are locally owned ice cream places everywhere!  We have our favorite places and are always up for trying new locations.  They are all slightly different in what they offer and some with their prices. 

On Sunday we attempted to take our boat on the big lake (Lake Ontario), but we arrived at the boat launch to find that the water was just too choppy and we were in a big inlet/bay of the big lake.  So we brought the boat back to post, put it in storage and took off for a local baseball game that we had received free tickets for.  Afterwards, we went to a local ice cream place in town. 


Eli and Addison both had chocolate and Samuel had a rainbow flavor in a waffle cone.  I tried a Lake Effect Blast.  I asked for Heath Bar but they were out so got a Butterfinger instead and wasn’t impressed at all. 

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