Thursday, September 20, 2012

The start of a Scouting adventure…

Our oldest son is now a Webelo in Cub Scouts.  Since this is the first time we’ve done Scouts, he is working hard on earning his Bobcat rank.  He has to earn this before he can earn any badges or belt loops. 

So far it has been quite pricey to be a Cub Scout.  The fee was $32.50, plus another $10 for the t-shirt that they wear when they aren’t wearing the Class A uniform.  The uniform and Webelos book were $80 and that’s without pants, so hopefully he doesn’t need those too. 

He attended his first den meeting the same night we signed him up and started working on his citizenship badge.  He also volunteered to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at his first Pack meeting and carry in a flag.  Smile  He’s excited to learn a bunch of stuff and earn badges.  My mission now is to get everything sewn onto his Class A shirt in time for the Pack meeting on Tuesday.  I could probably sew it myself but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up somehow.  So, unless neither of the places here can do it by Tuesday then I guess I’ll have to .  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 

Also, my daughter is now a Daisy in Girl Scouts.  While my son meets twice a month, one den meeting and one pack meeting (I think), Addison will meet every week or every other week.  I’m hoping for every other at the most because what on earth are they going to do for an hour every week?  My son has a book that tells him the different things he has to do to earn the badges and belt loops.  I don’t think there is anything like that in Girl Scouts.  But this is our first time so there very well may be. 

Wish us luck on our Scouting adventures!  It should be interesting. 


Luludou said...

I'm sure they will love it!! It is good for them to learn lots of natures things. Hope they have fun.

Luludou said...

I'm sure they will love it and have lots of fun. Scouts are great!