Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybe some relief?!

I picked up my custom orthotics this morning.  I thought they were just a custom insert that you throw in your shoes and go on your way.  Wrong!  They are a custom insert that you put in your shoes, however, you have to break them in.  You can’t just start wearing them because they hurt….a lot. 

They came with instructions for 5 days of break in time.  After that I’m supposed to increase the wear time for an hour each day.  I wore them home, which took care of the 1 hour the first day.  Halfway home my feet were killing me and I was just driving my truck. 

They are very different from how my feet normally function so it will take some getting used to for sure.  I hope they help once they are broken in because my knee is extremely painful after my workout lately.  Today it felt like a hot knife was being stabbed into my knee as soon as I stepped on the bottom stair to come up after my workout.   

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Mel said...

I hope you break them in soon and the pain stops.