Monday, April 9, 2012


Over the weekend we put in a garden in our backyard.  When we moved in there was this picket fence area that I loved.  Before Chad’s deployment he took out a bunch of the pavers in a design and our plan was to plant a garden.  Then he deployed and it never got done.  

Leave it to us to finally put in a garden when we are trying to sell our house. 

Here is a BEFORE picture:

DSC02401 (640x480)

And here is an AFTER picture taken from under the archway:

DSC02452 (640x480)

Chad made all the planters and Addison and I placed all the plants and then she ‘helped’ (i.e. watched) me plant them.  We planted various flowers in the first 3 beds clockwise, the bed on the right is veggies and one shade plant and the bed in the middle is all herbs. 

We also put in an azalea in the left corner and 3 rose bushes in front of the picket fence.  The dog has already dug up one rose bush and I replanted it today. 


We’re hoping this will help to sell our house as well because potential buyers will see a use for this space instead of just a boring, gross area of the yard. 


Luludou said...

Lots of work involved but it will turn out great!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. You did a great job!!