Friday, April 13, 2012

Family- Is blood really thicker than water?

Do you believe that just because you were born into a set family, that if something happens, blood is always thicker than water?  That you have to stand behind and support those people because they are blood-related? 

I don’t.  My mom was adopted when she was little because her mother died in childbirth and her dad decided only to keep some of the children.  Her family growing up was not blood related, they chose her and adopted her.  My mom has raised me to believe that you can choose your family.

Honestly, blood relation means little to me if you are a bad person.  I can’t support someone that constantly does the wrong thing and belittles those who they deem weak, especially women.  I can’t support someone that goes against everything I believe, whether they are blood related to me or not.  Half my blood family are not good people and I could honestly care less if I ever interact with them again.  That may sound harsh but you don’t know that part of my “family”. 

I refuse to surround myself with negative, lying, indecent human beings.  I believe anyone can overcome their circumstance and that using your childhood as an excuse is just that, an excuse to justify it to yourself that your behavior isn’t your fault.  But in reality, we all choose our own actions and make our own decisions.

I don’t think love or like has to be there just because someone is blood-related to you.  I don’t particularly care for a lot of my blood family for various reasons.  When I was younger it was different because I didn’t know any better, but now that I’m older and have done some living, I do.     


Mel said...

Well said, Jessica. I couldn't agree more.

Nancy said...

My sentiments exactly Jessica !

Mrs. West said...

That was wonderfully liberating to read! Thank you :)

Karla Archer said...

I'm dealing with this myself... you summed up my feelings well... xooxo