Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The past two weekends my family and I have gone camping.  The weather here in Kansas has been absolutely beautiful!  I'm talking 80's during the day and upper 50's to low 60's at night.  Everything is green and starting to bloom.  The wind cooperated with us for once as well. 

The first weekend we went out for one night.  It was quite chilly that night but we survived.  Samuel was at his dad's so we were short a kid too.  The next weekend we decided to go again.  We were back and forth about staying out all weekend so we decided to play it by ear because it was supposed to get windy the next day.  We ended up staying out all weekend and we had all 3 kids this time.  I attempted to bring our two dogs as well but we ended up taking them back to the house.  The guys went fishing and then on Sunday we packed up and headed home, unloaded and ate lunch and then we all went on the water. 

We are still learning and picking up things each time we go but we're having fun in the process. 

Only my kids would read while out camping.  hehe  Addison, Eli and I went back to the house when the guys went fishing and we grabbed books for ourselves and big brother, per his request.  :)

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