Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mommy Moments

We were on the boat over the weekend and Eli ended up hitting his head, so I picked him up and held him tight.  The water was choppy and rough.  He fell asleep on me.  When we got to where we were going to fish, Chad said I could lay him on the seat so I could fish but I just couldn’t put him down.  Chad said I was having a mommy moment.  He looked so sweet sleeping peacefully on me.  He’s so big now that he covered my whole upper body with his legs hanging down over mine.  My little boy is growing up way too fast.  I held him until he woke up. 

I remember when he used to fall asleep on us all the time, I miss that so I wanted to take advantage of it because it may never happen again.  My baby will be 3 on Thursday and he’s our last one.  He still needs mommy kisses and hugs when he gets hurt and he still likes to be picked up on occasion, but he’s getting so heavy now that pretty soon I won’t be able to lift him. 

We always wish they would hurry up and get to the point where they are more self-sufficient and then when they are nearing that age, we cringe and try to hold on to the baby side of them that is quickly vanishing. 

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