Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My last post was about the funk I was in.  It's strange how one day i'll be feeling about as low as I can go and the next i'm feeling pretty good.  I hate bouncing back and forth, it's draining.

I got our taxes done yesterday on post.  The guy that did them said I had to get a sheet (like the one I already had) except with both buyers and sellers signatures on it for our house.  So I called the place that we closed and went there this morning to pick up a copy of what I thought it was that I needed.  Luckily I checked the copy before I left the town because it was what I already had.  I called the office back from my car and the woman told me that there is no such document with both signatures on it.  There is our form with my husband's signature on it and the seller's form with their signatures on it.  She could give me our form but not theirs for privacy reasons.  Totally understandable.  So she gives me a copy of ours and we're on our way. 

When we get home I decide to look up exactly what I need online.  Turns out not all states have the same requirements when buying a house, therefore the paperwork requirements are also different to claim the First Time Homebuyers Credit.  What I have should work according to the web.  The sucky part is that I have to mail our taxes in this year, we can't e-file because of the homebuyers credit so it will take twice as long to get them back.  Not that it really matters as we have no big plans for it.    

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Anonymous said...

How frustrating. I love it when the so-called experts have no idea what they are talking about. At least they are done now.