Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekend

It's been 9 days since Chad left for NTC and 3 days since I talked to him. They took their phones away for training. A few incidences have happened since he left like the stove ordeal, and an old guy driving by our house taking pictures of it. When I went out and yelled at him he sped away.

Pam, my stepmom, was here this weekend and we had a good time. Yesterday we had Addison's birthday party. She had two little friends over and they had a good time. I forgot to hand out the favor bags though. Oh well.

Today we went to lunch and then my stepmom headed home. The rest of the day has been spent lazing around. In a bit i'm going to have some leftover cake and ice cream. :)

I'm watching Julie and Julia. It's actually pretty good and makes me want to pick a cookbook and work my way through it. HA! Like anyone in my house would eat every recipe from a random cookbook.


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