Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our house

I really love our little house. The appraisal report came in the mail a few days ago from when we bought the house, so I took a few minutes and skimmed through it. Nothing new really that we didn't already know.

As I sit here and look around at all the hard work that's already been put into the place and the work that's left to be done, I really like it and kind of wish we would never have to move, but someday we will.

I love my sunny yellow kitchen. It's bright and happy, which a kitchen should be. It's inviting. I could do with more counter space but I also like the open, uncrowdedness of it all.

The purple bathroom.....what can I say about the purple bathroom, except that it's really purple? I do love the white trim and the big triple medicine chest mirror. We put a new faucet on the sink to dress it up a bit. I also really like the sink. It's a pedestal sink I think.

The dining room hasn't yet been messed with so i'm definitely NOT in love with it yet. It's floor to ceiling white wallpaper with pink flowers all over it and then there's a border in the middle of country blue and pink flowery stuff. I'm not into the flowery stuff at all. I can't wait to scrape every last bit of the yucky paper off the walls and paint it a beautiful golden color. Then I will love the dining room.

More later.......

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