Thursday, July 8, 2010

The new stove ordeal....

We purchased a new GE stove from Home Depot the week before last. It came in and we had wanted delivery but no one scheduled it for us so Chad had to go pick it up in the minivan. We got the stove on July 1st and Chad hooked it up. So we've had it exactly 1 week. Chad left for NTC and the kids and I went to my mom's for the holiday weekend, so the stove wasn't used at all.

We get home Monday afternoon and don't use the oven. Tuesday I decide to bake cookies and some other goodies to take to the USO on post as a donation. I turn on the oven to preheat and it preheats and preheats and continues to preheat for over 2 hours. It never did reach the proper temperature. Remember this is a BRAND NEW oven. It takes me forever to make the cookies.

Last night I try to use the broiler for garlic bread and I set it to high. The element didn't even come on and the bread was in there for over 10 minutes and barely got crisp around the edges.

This morning I decide enough of this, it's a brand new stove and should be working perfectly. So I call Home Depot. They tell me to call GE. I call GE and they schedule a service for the 19th of July. 1 1/2 weeks away. I told them all that I have 3 kids that I need to feed and it's Addison's birthday and I can't even make her cake. No one cares.

So, needless to say I will be returning my defective brand new oven to Home Depot and probably won't buy a GE appliance again. Not to mention i'll be shopping at Lowe's from now on.

However, this still doesn't solve my problem of no working oven. With Chad gone, I can't return the new oven because I can't load it into the van. We still have our old oven out on the porch, but I can't move it inside by myself and even if I could, I have no idea how to hook it up.

The whole point of buying the new stove was so we didn't have to worry about it breaking while Chad is away. So much for that thought. So today will be spent trying to fix this problem one way or another so I can bake a cake tomorrow and feed us all.


eResponse@ge said...

Hi Jessica, This is Vikki with GE. I am sorry you are having a problem with your new GE range. Please email the details including your model, serial, name, address and phone number and we'll be happy to try and assist you. Our email address is

Jessica said...

Thank you Vikki, but I had already spoken to a GE representative. And, I managed to fix the stove myself. Now it's working great. It was just the power cord not being up to par.