Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost garden time!

The weather here has been pretty awesome lately, until today. Yesterday it was in the upper 70's, maybe even low 80's, but the wind was horrible. However, I was able to have my windows and doors open. Today it is cold and rainy. Figures. And the wind still prevails.

Last week (Tuesday I think), Addison and I planted 9 different types of seeds in a Burpee greenhouse kit that I got from Target. The seeds were also by Burpee I believe. By Thursday we had several plants already sprouting up and here it is a week later and they are growing like crazy! I definitely recommend the Burpee brand products. 2 years ago we used the stuff from Walmart and didn't get these type of results. The true test will be whether or not they live after being transplanted to pots.

We planted:

2 types of Morning Glories
2 types of Daisies
Sweet Peas

The morning glories really took off and so are the moonflowers. The sunflowers are coming up great as well but at least 1 has already fallen over from the weight of itself. I don't know how to prevent that because they are still so fragile.

Chad put up two window planters last night. I'm just waiting for the weather to stay above 40 or so before I plant in them. I also bought one of those strawberry hangers and 2 strawberry plants so i'm hoping to get lots of strawberries this season.

On the 22nd, the community garden opens (I think) so i'll be able to start planting my fruits and vegetables there since I have a plot. I can't wait!!

What are you planting this year? Growing any fruits or veggies?

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