Thursday, April 16, 2009

Someone should really

design a line of postpartum clothing!! You know, something that will suck in the flabby extra skin that's been stretched by the little life you were growing inside you. Most anyone who has had a baby has experienced the in-between phase after pregnancy where you can't fit into your normal clothes and wearing maternity clothes just doesn't feel right. We're doomed to sweats and stretchy pants or simply staying at home because we have nothing to wear.

I'm a person who likes to get out of the house frequently and i'm getting really frustrated with my lack of wardrobe. I have 1-2 pairs of stretchy/workout type pants that I can comfortably wear and 1 pair of maternity jeans that i'm still wearing for lack of anything else. Shirts are a totally different story and I have very few of those. Nothing I put on makes me feel comfortable enough to be seen in public so I find myself wearing a jacket to cover the squishy belly. I constantly feel like a slob.

I tried on several pairs of jeans today and couldn't find anything to fit right so I gave up. I want to start hitting the exercise hot and heavy but it's too soon yet. Eli is only 11 days old and i'm still not up to par physically. So, i've been cutting back on food, which leaves me starving all day long.

Anyway, enough of my rant, but i'm sure most of you can sympathize. If anyone knows a good line of clothing or undergarment wear that really holds in that tummy, please let me know!

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