Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring weather is finally here!

After going back and forth with temperatures, snow and rain I think Spring is finally making a more permanent appearance. From now into the next week the temps are supposed to be in the 60's, 70's, and 80's! There are storms coming tonight but it's supposed to be nice after that.

I have really been wanting to get out in my flower bed and plant something, problem is, I don't know what's already in there. There's a plant of some type starting to come up, it appears to be some type of bulb, but I have no idea what it's going to be yet. I don't want to accidentally kill anything that might already be in there from the people who previously lived here, but I do want to plant some things of my own.

I'm thinking some Dusty Millers (one of my favs) and some showy flowers that will bloom for a good part of the summer. I bought some brighly colored pinwheels from the Dollar Tree a while back just to put in the front. I also have various metal garden bugs/animals on stakes that are in the flower bed right now. There's a ladybug, butterflies, dragonflies, turtle, etc. They are pretty cute.

I would still love to deck out the back porch as well, but my gazebo got damaged by the wind (imagine that in Kansas) and we can't really put the canopy back on it for fear that it will damage the iron pieces even more. I had a great vision of what I wanted the back porch to look like but now i'll have to revise that.

What are you planning for your garden?

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