Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Short Term Goals

So far I haven't really done anything in regards to my goals for the year. I couldn't really do anything health wise because I was pregnant. Now that i've had the baby I need to get busy working on myself inside and out. My plan is to make a weekly schedule starting Monday April 20th. Each week I will eliminate something or add an exercise. So far this is my tentative schedule:

Week of April 20th
Eliminate soda and drink lots of water- I don't drink that much soda to begin with, but I would like to completely eliminate it for a while from my diet, at least until I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I would say caffeine but I just got my regular coffee back and I only have 1-2 cups a day, plus it's supposed to be good for you!

Week of April 27th
Walk 1 mile every day (weather permitting)- The loop we live on is exactly 1 mile all the way around. We were walking it regularly, when the weather was nice, when I was pregnant and I would like to continue doing so. Walking is a great way to start getting back in shape.

Week of May 4th
Eliminate eating out for the entire month- We try not to eat out much, but lately we have been. I would like to completely stop eating out, not only for health reasons but financial as well.

Week of May 11th
Eliminate junk food- I have a definite sweet tooth and like to eat my sweets. I plan to completely cut out candy and pastries, anything junkie like that. I will substitute granola bars, carrots, nuts, etc. My whole family needs to do this. I will start on this in Week 1, but plan to have it eliminated for sure by this week.

Week of May 18th (postpartum checkup week)
Check into and possibly start a yoga class- This week I am 6 weeks postpartum and should have my checkup. There is a yoga class offered on base and I would like to try it out, after I get cleared by the doc. If I don't end up doing the yoga class I plan to start going to the gym at least 3 times a week beginning this week.

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