Friday, January 2, 2009

January Monthly Magic

Along with the goals for each month and the entire year of 2009, I like to use the Monthly Magic format that Ginger on MHH has set up. Each month has different things to help you stay organized. I don't follow all of the things on the list so i'm going to edit mine to reflect my own needs. You can find the entire lists at MHH.

Tracking Magic:

1. Get a calendar, a calendar that works for you, that you love. It can be a planner, single pages in your notebook, or a premade hang on the wall calendar. Now go through it one month at a time and write down ALL important events…even if they are not holidays…you will need to plan around them. Write down birthdays, anniversaries etc. Even if you do not celebrate them, it’s nice to know them. You can then wish people a happy birthday verbally or asked how they celebrated etc. (Done)

2. Go back through your calendar and put a seasonal sticker or draw a small symbol on Rudolph Days, GPD, and Turkey Day each month.

3. Now look just at January: Use a highlighter and highlight any events that you plan to celebrate or “do” something for. Create a mini “to do” list for each one. Use a single sheet of paper so you can see all of them at once but give each one its own little list. If you have four events (big or small) Divide the paper into four sections. Now you have an idea of WHAT you need to do in January!!! (Done)

Celebration Magic:

1. Buy all cards for the month and for Feb also…this will let us buy the month before for the rest of 2008. Sign, Address, and Stamp them. (Need 2 cards)

2. Any Major January Events? Birthday party? Make your party planner list now. (Chad comes home, move to new base/house)

Creative Magic:

1. Crafty: Pick a craft (maybe Valentine’s one or a Christmas 2009 gift) Buy or gather all your supplies. Set aside time each week to work on it. (Done- will be making a scarf)

2. Self Discovery: Start a Journal for 2009 focusing on self discovery. (Done)

3. Kids: Pick a family craft for the month or get party favors ready for Valentine’s Day.

Future Magic

1. Look ahead to February. Any events in the first seven days? If so those need to be planned now. (Chad's birthday)

2. January Rudolph Day:
*Update Christmas card list and all addresses
*Clean out notebook. (Done)
*Print new forms (Don't use forms)
*Update gift closet inventory (Done)

3. Year Round Christmas Prep: Make a craft list for the year. (Working on- i've made list just need to set deadlines)

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