Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goal List

I'm really not one of those resolution people. Making resolutions intimidates me and discourages me from actually accomplishing what I want to do. It feels like there's a time limit to complete a resolution, whereas with a goal, it can take all year to master or accomplish. So, I prefer goals.

Here are my 2009 goals thus far (definitely subject to more being added):

* Spend less time on electronics to include watching less TV and being online less. Remove the TV from the bedroom. Do crosswords at night, read books before bed or do couples yoga.

* Spend more time as a family doing things that make us happy (i.e. playing games, being outdoors, reading books, etc.).

* Work hard to make some friends after moving. Set up play dates for DD when possible, get to know some couples that DH and I could hang out with (BBQing, game nights, etc.).

* Work on my path to self discovery. Recognize my triggers for anger and work on techniques to minimalize my reactions. Work out a plan for yelling, for example every time I yell I have to put money in a jar or something to that effect. Same for kids. Find a way that I can really, truly relax and take some "me" time every now and then without feeling guilty for doing so. I need to take care of myself in order to better take care of others.

* Live more simply, spend less money. Budget and weigh decisions about whether we actually need something versus just want it. We have been pretty fortunate to just be able to buy whatever we have wanted or needed when we want to, but I want to work on putting more money into savings and cutting down on clutter and mess. If there isn't room for something it doesn't get purchased. This also includes Christmas 2009. I want to cut way back on gifts for the children and everyone else will be getting homemade items. I have already started my list of goods I hope to make, but won't start until early in the New Year, after our move and we are settled.

* Be more prepared when it comes to meals. Implement freezer cooking (after we purchase a freezer when we move) so we can just pull out and cook when needed. Also implement more veggies and fruits into our diets, lean meats and proteins. Basically a more balanced meal plan. This will also include always eating at the table together!

* Spend more time outdoors. We have a boat now so i'm pretty sure our summer will be spent on the lake and camping and such whenever we get the chance. DH and DS can go fishing together.

* Exercise to live healthy. I would love to find a yoga class and I think they offer one on the base we are moving to. After I have the baby this will be a big priority for me.

* Learn a new hobby every chance I get. From the research i've done about the base we'll be going to, it seems they offer several classes that I would love to take. I want to take these classes one at a time and give a few months between the classes to really practice and get skilled in the new hobby i've learned.

* Read more books, laugh more, play more, allow myself to let go and just be.

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