Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January 2009 Personal Life Goals

I know, i'm posting alot about goals, but I have so many that I have to break them down somehow.

[ ] Reconnect with DH (he'll be home on the 8th!) and relearn how to live with each other.
[ ] Be more considerate of his feelings and thoughts (it's going to be hard adjusting to having another adult in the house again).
[ ] Discuss goals we have for our family for 2009 and how to implement them together.

[ ] Plan a big activity to do as a family (something fun since DH has been gone for a year)
[ ] Start family game night or movie night or something similar.
[ ] Eat dinner together every night.

[ ] Work on making some new friends after we move.
[ ] Possibly find a playgroup or something for Addison and I to do during the week.

[ ] Definitely celebrate ME day on the 24th of each month
[ ] Gather all the books I've been planning to read and create a reading basket. (Ginger's idea)
[ ] Work hard on relaxation techniques and controlling my temper.

[ ] Pack up entire house in preparation of moving
[ ] Declutter as I pack
[ ] Start fresh in new house with no clutter. If something doesn't have a place, get rid of it. Less is more!
[ ] Begin to set up nursery and see what still needs to be purchased

[ ] Volunteer with unit FRG
[ ] Start researching requirements for Social Work positions and VA positions

[ ] Sign up for one class at new base (quilting maybe)
[ ] Become efficient on my new Knifty Knitter
[ ] Read as much as possible

[ ] Get the book Simple Abundance
[ ] Work on knowing myself better
[ ] Work on becoming more grounded and centered

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n*stitches said...

I LOVE YOUR LISTS!! They are very inspiring! I am still playing around with my ideas, but your goals have helped put words to my thoughts. Thank you and have a great new year!