Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Best Laid Plans.....

Over the summer I ended up ordering the 21 Day Fix program and a month's worth of Shakeology, the bag not the individual packets.  I started the workouts while on vacation at my mom's and then continued when I returned home.  I did a few days of Shakes while on vacation and did some at home but have never consistently stuck with the Shakes or the workouts.  I joined an accountability group on FB that is run by my Beach Body coach and still didn't do great because my eating sucks. 

I am trying to get serious about it because I would really like to drop a few pounds by the time Chad comes home from deployment and before our military ball in January or February.  I did a little prep today for the upcoming week.  I roasted some broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper and I roasted two small sweet potatoes with some olive oil, cinnamon and honey.  I portioned them out using the correct color containers and then put them into containers in the refrigerator to reheat for lunches this week.  I only got two servings of broccoli out of what I bought and 4 servings, the 4th is not a full serving, out of the sweet potatoes.  I put those in the same container as the broccoli and will add some cooked seasoned chicken to make a full meal.  I will be cooking the chicken tonight or tomorrow.  Monday and Friday are the only days i'll be home for lunch this week so that is when i'll be eating these meals since the other days i'll need to eat in my truck on the way from a class to a volunteer training.  On those days i'll most likely pack a turkey, provolone and spicy mustard sandwich since it's easy to eat on the run.  For snacks i'll be eating apples with PB drizzled over them, raw almonds, and cheese sticks depending on the day and where i'm at container-wise. 

I have a few new recipes I will be trying out this week, not sure if they are Fix friendly or not but i'm sure they can be.  My schedule is going to be crazy this week with a class starting up and my volunteer training.  It will look as follows:

5:30 a.m.- Wake Up/Coffee
6:00 a.m.- Wake Samuel to get ready for school/Begin workout
6:30 a.m.- Samuel to bus/Workout over, head to shower and get ready for day
7:00 a.m.- Wake Addison and Eli start them getting ready for school/Have Shakeology
7:50 a.m.- Kids to bus
8:30 a.m.- Head to class at library in town
9-11 a.m.- Class

On Tuesday:
Be at USO at Noon
On Wednesday and Thursday:
Be at USO at 11:30

I am not an early morning exerciser, so i'm hoping letting myself wake up and have a cup of coffee first will help.  I also will have a small snack so i'm not working out on an empty stomach.  I wanted to get this all down in writing somewhere so I can look at it and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made.  I'll update throughout the week on how i'm actually doing so I can see where I may need to adjust for the following week.       

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Luludou said...

WTG Jess! you can do it :)