Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off to a good start…

I feel like I’m off to a good start so far this year.  I have done my Yoga challenge workouts the past two days so that’s something.  I signed up for two challenges and they either overlap each other or the other one starts when the first one ends.  I’ve been drinking water again.  Not nearly as much as I should be but it’s a start. 

The kids have chore charts for morning and evenings.  I still need to make a weekend one for bigger chores that they can help with.  We also opened them each up a bank account and they will get a weekly allowance of half their age.  1/3rd of it will be theirs to spend, 1/3rd to save, and 1/3rd will go into a jar for charity, I’m thinking the Angel Tree at Christmas. 

I’m going to work on creating a cleaning routine for me during the week to keep me on task and my house as clean as can be.  It’s hard during the winter, especially up here in snow country, because the dogs are always in the house or going in and out to potty so they drag in snow or mud or whatever. 

I need to get a big, washable rug that can be kept at the back door during the winter and on rainy days during the summer.

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