Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello New York!

As goes in the Army, we have PCSed.  (Permanent Change of Station)  We moved from the Mid-West, where I was born and raised, to Upstate New York.  Our house in Kansas hasn’t sold like we had hoped.  We are hoping to get a renter in there very soon.  A buyer would be even better! 

Fort Drum is pretty nice.  Lots of wooded areas and trails, the Black River, and our house is pretty nice.  Thank goodness we got the newer housing area that’s right behind the PX/Commissary.   The floor plan is pretty open and spacious with all the bedrooms being on the second floor.  The backyard is a good size for post housing and it borders brush, a trail, and the woods.  Our mailbox is a few houses down, so very convenient.  The only places I know how to get to so far are Walmart and the PX/Commissary area.  I have a map though and am sure I could figure out wherever I needed to go if I had to. 

So far most of the people I’ve encountered in public places (i.e. Walmart and the PX) have seemed to be pretty rude.  No one says excuse me and gives you a death look if you say it to them, like they are entitled to the space and you aren’t.  And they stare.  Maybe it’s that obvious that we’re new here, but it’s a little creepy the way people have stared at us since we’ve been here.

Chad got his unit but hasn’t met the 1SG or found out where he will be working yet.  I’m a little anxious to know all of this and find out what the deal will be with deployment (when it’s expected) and all that.  I would also like to get in touch with the FRG to find out pertinent information.

Anyway, we are adjusting to life near the East coast.  It gets light way too early here so we got blackout curtains for our bedroom since it faces East.  I’m looking forward to exploring some of the neighboring areas like Cape Vincent and Alexandria Bay.     

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