Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I haven't posted since before my husband came home from Iraq.  We've been engulfed in each other and our kids since he came home two weeks ago.  But today I have something very special to share.

Today after having been out running errands all morning and part of the afternoon, we finally came home to a mysterious box on our front porch.  I looked at Chad and asked if he had ordered anything or was expecting anything and he said no.  I wasn't either.  When I grabbed the box it was very heavy and I saw a name I recognized on the front from an online community I belong to.  I had no idea what I would open the box to find. 

Chad couldn't wait until the kids got home so we went ahead and opened it.  :)  Inside was all sorts of awesome stuff from many of the ladies on the board Magical Holiday Home.  The kids will be very happy when they get home and see all the cool stuff that was meant for them.  I am beyond words at the generosity these ladies have shown towards me and my family.  I couldn't ask for better friends and I have never met any of these ladies face to face. 

Here is a picture of the contents (as well as my dirty faced little one, Eli):
There were notebooks for the kids, PEZ dispensers, teddy bears, kids magazines, candy, games, a throw, socks for me, an ornament, gift cards galore, thank you cards, picture frame, decorative signs, a puzzle, etc, etc. 

DIEDRA, ANNIE, COLLEEN, BECKY, TRICIA, DEBBIE, MEL, KIM, LANA, LUCIE, MICHELLE, PAM, SHANNON, LISA, AND KATRINA~~ THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  Thank you for thinking of my family and being here for me through the past few years i've known you and thank you for supporting me and my family in our military service!  You are truly angels and I love you all. 


Mel said...

We love you too, hon!! Enjoy all of those goodies. You, Chad and your kids deserve it.

Love ya,

Luludou said...

Enjoy it all with your family. We are very proud to count you as our friend too.

Shannon said...

glad you got it. You enjoy it, for all you, Chad and the family do and go though for us!

Diedra said...

You both deserve more than we can give to you. The sacrifice of having Chad away from the family and the danger Chad is in serving our county is far beyond anything we could do for you.

happeningswithLana said...

Jessica, so glad you got it and hope you enjoy it. i would like to think Chad again for his service. I am just so thrilled that you are all together again!!!