Friday, July 29, 2011

Back....for now.

It’s been quite a while again since I last posted. I have had lots of things happen since the last time I posted; I just haven’t taken the time to write about them because I didn’t think anyone really cared to read about it.

Let’s see, in June our basement flooded while we were out of town. Luckily we got immediate help from some volunteer Rear-Detachment soldiers and my mom also came to help out. After hiring a dud fixit guy to do the work, I soon realized my mistake when he left and never came back with $300 of my money and not even half the work done that he was supposed to do. I quickly hired another, more reputable, crew and they completed the work in 4 days and even worked through the weekend to get it done. Right before they started work we had a new furnace/ac unit installed and that’s actually how I found this crew. They came back later on and did the trim in the kid’s rooms as well.

I celebrated my 30th birthday and Addison had her 5th. We finally made it to Missouri and on the lake, first and probably only time this summer.

Perry, the escape artist, got out once again recently but was quickly found out and all was well. A plank on our new fence came off where he jumps on it all the time so I had to nail it back up. I put several extra nails in that plank as well as the surrounding planks, just in case. Hopefully it will hold until Chad gets home in the next couple months.

I feel like more has happened and it probably has but I don’t remember right now. I ordered cool shirts from for the kids to wear to Chad’s homecoming. I also ordered myself a couple t-shirts, one is for Red Friday and the other says “Proud Army Wife”.

I know, very boring stuff but it’s all I got right now.

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