Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hair Mess

Yesterday I decided to have my hair colored red at a salon in the mall.  I wanted to have a woman I know do it but the salon she works at was completely booked all weekend.  I would have waited but my stepmom is here this weekend so it was really my only chance.  I called several different salons and they were all booked so my last option was the mall. 

I chose a red swatch and while it wasn't as bright as I thought it would be I liked it well enough when I left the salon.  However, when I got home and was looking in the mirror, it looked like there was a small section that didn't take the color well.  My stepmom noticed too.  This morning after my hair was washed and dried, we looked again and noticed a patch in the back of my head as well.

I called the salon and the woman that did my hair answered the phone.  She didn't say her name but I recognized her voice.  I told her the problem and she asked who my stylist was and I said her name.  Even though it was her on the phone, she kept referring to herself in the third person and acted like it wasn't her on the phone.  Weird!  She basically told me that I had to come in when she was working so she could fix it.  Or her manager was the only other one that could do it.  I explained to her that I can't come in during her hours because I have no sitter and my husband is in Iraq.  So she was supposed to call her manager and call me back. 

I went downstairs and was looking at my hair in a different mirror with different light and it didn't look as bad so I said screw it and called the salon back, told them to forget it and i'll just live with it.  I wouldn't want her to "fix" my hair anyway if she screwed it up the first time.  Next time I will just wait for my friend to be available and let her do it. 

On a plus note, I did get two new outfits and am actually wearing one of them today and like it! 

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Mel said...

How frustrating. At least you found some outfits you like.