Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today i'm really disappointed in the society around me. We got quite a bit of snow yesterday and our district decided to have school today with just a 2 hour delay even though everyone around us is closed. In order for me to go pick up my son after school (a friend picks him up for school everyday), I have to shovel my driveway so I can get out. Our driveway is uphill and not the shortest thing.

I went out early since there was no wind yet and the temp was a balmy 7*F. I donned a hat, scarf, two pairs of socks, and rubber boots, as well as two shirts and my coat and gloves. I started at the bottom of the drive because that's usually the thickest. I shoveled and shoveled. A neighbor from two doors down was out with his snowblower. He did the sidewalk and the drive of the neighbor right next to me. This man walked right by me twice, knows my husband is deployed, and didn't offer to use his nifty snowblower to do even a smidge of my driveway and I had alot of driveway left to do. I guess he thought it quite entertaining to watch me do it with a freaking shovel.

None of my neighbors have ever offered to help me shovel my drive. Don't get me wrong, i'm capable of doing it myself, have twice now while the kids run wild in the house with no supervision. Safe, huh? I think not. But it had to be done. However, my point is that my husband is deployed and I think it would be nice and neighborly to offer help with these kinds of things. Maybe i'm wrong and chivalry is really dead.

So i'm a little disappointed in society today and how much those who are left behind are forgotten. That is all.

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Mel said...

Not only is it disappointing, I think it is disgusting. Perhaps this gentleman (and I use that term loosely) will find himself in a situation where he needs help and receives none. Maybe that will make him think twice about offering to give someone else a hand.