Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

We started getting snow on Sunday afternoon and it continued through Monday afternoon. I don't know for sure how many inches we got but I would say at least 6 inches, maybe more. Samuel was out of school yesterday and today. We'll see tomorrow if they go back, it's supposed to be colder tomorrow than it was today.

We had good snow days though. Yesterday the kids went out and played twice, we played Monopoly on the Wii and hung out. Today we played Monopoly on the Wii again and the kids played most of the day inside because the wind chill was just too much for them to be outside.

Someone came and plowed half of my driveway. I am very appreciative of whoever did it. It was a great Random Act of Kindness and it led to a discussion with Addison about RAOK.

Both of my meetings for this week are cancelled so other than leaving the house tomorrow for Eli's doctor appointment, my prescription, and groceries we don't have to leave until Friday after school to take Samuel to meet his dad for the weekend. I'm really enjoying this week at home.

I've developed a nasty cold, as has Addison and it's really kicking my butt. We are completely out of Kleenex already so definitely going to get lots of that tomorrow.

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Mel said...

Snow days are fun!! Unfortunately, the kids here don't get too many of them. They have to go to school no matter what the weather is like.
Hope you feel better soon.