Friday, January 28, 2011

It nevers gets easier, i'm learning that. It seems like one day I think i'm finally getting a grip and doing good and then the next it hits me like a ton of bricks and i'm an emotional mess missing Chad. I hate this, I want my husband back.

On a more happy note, i've been doing Zumba. I still haven't gotten the moves down yet but I will eventually....I hope. It's fun and lots of cardio which is what I need. Fun cardio is so much easier than boring cardio. I'm doing the Sculpt and Tone recommeded workout set from the booklet that came with it. It's two workouts and you alternate days, taking every 4th day off. It should go like this:

Sculpt and Tone followed by Stretch (45 minutes)
20 Minute Express followed by Flat Abs (40 minutes total)
Sculpt and Tone followed by Stretch
Free Day
20 Minute Express followed by Flat Abs

The Sculpt and Tone workout uses the weights that came with the set. They are 2lb. weights with shakers in them to make noise.

I started this series on Wednesday but I skipped yesterday because I shoveled ice and slush for an hour or more in the driveway and that was plenty workout enough for me. So today will be the 20 minute express and abs.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are missing Chad so much, you have every right to be missing him the way you do!

I also admire your strength, doing it all by yourself, with the kids , the house the day to day living. I find it so amazing that you are even taking the time to take care of you with your exercising !!! You rock !