Monday, December 20, 2010


It's been a while......

As expected, things here have been busy as usual. With Chad gone things just take more effort and energy and by the time the day is done, there's not much energy left to blog. As of late, the kids and I have all been sick. Minus Samuel. I had to pick him up from school today even though he had no fever and had not thrown up. They called and said he just didn't feel good. Do you think he acted sick when he got home? Nope. I told him next time he better have a fever or be puking or else he could stay at school.

Addison had a day reprieve and then started all over again this morning puking. Eli has had a small fever all day i'm pretty sure but other than that he's fine, besides waking up covered in diarrhea this morning. I got the bug yesterday evening and was feeling somewhat better by this morning. It's been a fun few days.

We managed to make it to Walmart this evening to pick up medicine stuff and some other things. We didn't get the dogs today, luckily the vet said they could keep them one more day. Tomorrow for sure though.

The kids are all in bed and i'm watching Santa Buddies on ABC Family. I'm headed to bed shortly though. I still have a few things left to wrap but not tonight. I didn't get much sleep last night so i'm trying to catch up tonight, at least a little.

5 more days until Christmas.........

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Mel said...

I hope all of you feel better soon. It is not fun being sick at Christmas.