Sunday, December 5, 2010

3 days.....

Today makes at least 3 days since we've been able to talk to Chad. I know that is a relatively small amount of time and i'm not complaining because I know there are others that barely get to talk to their soldier. I'm very thankful that we have laptops and webcams and internet capability for him to see and talk to us when he can. I'm just in this needy weird phase at the moment and I hate it.

This deployment is so different emotionally from our last separation and i'm still trying to figure it all out and we still have so much more to go.

Then I have Addison sitting here saying, "I want to talk to daddy right now" and it just makes it hard. Kids don't understand that daddy can only get on every once in a while and sometimes that is few and far between, while at other times it's everyday. She has sent him several letters already. She started sending them the day we knew he was where he could get mail.

Anyway, we miss you honey!

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