Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Personal Life Goals

I took out some categories that don't really apply to me right now.

Marriage- Celebrate our 6 yr. anniversary!

Family- Implement a family game night once a week, as well as eat dinner together every night. Have the kids help prepare dinner sometimes. Less TV watching more reading books. Begin taking kids to library every other week.

Self- Purchase new makeup when able. Begin exercising daily taking one rest day a week. Eat healthy foods.

Home- Work on decluttering every area in anticipation of possible move in the near future.

Holidays- Celebrate Rudolph day on the 25th by making a list of homemade items to gift for Christmas. Make a supply list and a deadline list.

Hobbies- Finish scarf for me and begin a new project.

Spiritual- Find time to meditate.

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