Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Monthly Magic

This is a neat list of things for the month. It was created by Ginger of MHH.

Tracking Magic:

* Review Calendar for August (Complete)
* Mark any special events that have been recently added (Complete)
* Pencil in Your Celebrate Me Day
* Highlight August events & start a mini event planner. (Complete)

Celebration Magic:

* Buy all Cards for September (Need 1 for Samuel's birthday)
* Sign, address, and stamp them
* Fill out any party planners for the month
* Continue Planning for the beginning of school (School starts August 17th)

Creative Magic:


* Take a craft class or participate in an online craft challenge this month (Signing up)
* Start a craft notebook or clean out your tear files this month

Self Discovery:

* Write a poem about you. Scrap it!!
* Buy new makeup this month…even if you don’t usually.


* Plan family game nights for August & September

Future Magic:

September Look Ahead:
* Plan any events that are in the first seven days of September (None)

August Rudolph Day:
* Write on Rudolph Day Blog

August Great Pumpkin Day:
* Look over and print out the Halloween Countdown
* Make at least two items for decor
* Work on GPD Blog

August Celebrate Me Day:
* Face Month: Treat yourself to a facial, buy new makeup or face cream.
* Celebrate: Spend 15-30 minutes each week this month…focusing on you and your thoughts, feelings, dreams and goals. Set monthly personal goals, journal, or blog it…but get your ideas down!

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