Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two book series

For my birthday my mom got me the first book in two series of books that i've never read before. The author is Victoria Laurie and the books are titled Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye and What's a Ghoul to Do?.

Both series are excellent! The author is actually a psychic herself and offers readings over the phone. There are 7 books in the psychic series (the 7th will come out in September) and 3 books so far in the ghost series with the 4th coming out in March of 2010.

From the first page of these books I was completely hooked. Mysteries like this are right up my alley. I've already read the first 2 in each series and just started the 3rd book in the psychic series. I have the 3rd book from the ghost series waiting in the wings after I finish this book.

If you like things like this, please check out this author! She has another series she's starting as well but I have yet to read that book.

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