Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Twilight Series

I have finished all 4 books in the series and I must say they were all excellent. Of course, I had my favorites but they were all definitely worth reading. I'm sad that the story is over but happy about the outcome.

Bella and Edward are the perfect match. It's true, he may not have been the best choice for her but they make it work and I couldn't ever picture either of them with anyone else. There's simply no contest, they are that perfect and in love with each other. It's like their love transcends time and space and has its own realm in the ether. It was really a love that could probably move mountains.

Of course, reading the books was not free of experiencing pain. It wasn't just a happy love story series. There were many trials and difficulties, lots of near death experiences as well. Once I started reading I was drawn to the books like a magnet. I couldn't put them down....really. Now that i'm finished with them I feel at peace but also craving more, although I know there really isn't anymore to tell.

Anyway, if you haven't read this series it's wonderful and I highly recommend it.

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