Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have to say that aside from Chad deploying in the latter part of 2013, it was a pretty great year for our family.  We bought a camper and took several awesome camping trips, visited fun places while traveling around the Midwest visiting family and got to see some old friends.  We took a semi-last minute trip to Disneyworld and had the best time ever. 

This year Chad will be home, not for a very long time, but still...this year.  We will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this month via Skype.  Eli will turn 5 in April, can't believe it, and Addison will be 8 in July and Samuel 12 in September and be starting middle school, almost a teenager (yikes!).  My brother and his fiancé will get married in October (OMG!!).

2014 has a lot to live up to and I hope it surpasses all expectations. 

I am still trying to figure out my Word for this year.  I have a few possibilities but nothing is jumping out at me.  Christmas is almost completely gone from our house, just the kid's trees left to take down.  I have many home projects in mind to get started on.  First up will be the kid's bedrooms.  They each need to be gone through piece by piece and reorganized and cleaned up, maybe even rearranged.  That will take a while so for now that's the only project i'm going to focus on.

We are having the traditional beans today and i'll make cornbread and fried potatoes to go with them.  Of course, i'm the only one that will probably eat them but at least i'll be happy.           

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