Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revisiting an old project

So I decided when I was writing my To-Do list for this week that I would add Start a New Project.  However, in a previous week I had wanted to pull out  my material and see what I had.  So, this week I did just that and found that I had 12 strips of 10 blocks each made for a quilt I started years ago and never finished.  That will be my new project to work on. 

Today I pulled them out, dusted off the sewing machine and started pinning and sewing.  I have 9 of the 12 strips sewn together.  Here’s a picture of the strips before I started sewing them together. 

IMAG0458 (800x451)

As it stands now, it would probably be big enough for a child sized blanket.  I still have material for it so I may cut out more blocks and make more strips, or maybe I’ll do something different for a border around each side. 


Luludou said...

Nice work Jess! No wonder the kids all want it.

happeningswithLana said...

Very pretty! I love the bright colors!!!!

teachermomof2 said...

Nice work! Love the colors!