Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No more!

Why is it that the day Chad left, things started to go wrong?  I guess it's the deployment curse or something.  Hopefully it doesn't last long! 

The day he left I decided to do some cleaning and our rug was in dire need of vacuuming.  I get half the rug done and the vacuum decides it doesn't want to pick up anything else, instead it spits out dirt and dog hair.  So now there's a pile of this nastiness on my rug in several places.  I take the vacuum out and take it apart and clean out anything that could be clogging it.  I then put it back together and bring it back in to resume vacuuming.  It works, but not great. 

Fast forward about an hour.  Eli has been playing with my rain stick.  He left it sitting on the loveseat and Addison decides to pick it up, spilling little pebbles everywhere.  And here I am with a crap vacuum.  I tried to vacuum the normal way and nothing.  I ended up having to use an attachment on the hose of the vacuum and it took half an hour to vacuum all those little pebbles by hand. 

Samuel and Addison are both playing soccer this season.  Their practices are at the same time on the same days in the same place so that's great.  However, last night was Kindergarten Round-Up at school.  The flyer I saw said it began at 6:00 p.m.  We drop Samuel off at soccer at 5:30 and then we have to come back home so I can change my shoes because I forgot I had my slippers on.  Then we head over to the school.  There aren't many cars there so I start thinking, maybe the time is wrong.  I use my phone to look it up online and sure enough it says 6:30.  So, Addison has needlessly missed soccer practice (I hate missing things).  We headed back home and waited until the proper time. 

So we're at home waiting and Eli keeps running back and forth between the dining room and living room and pointing back towards the dining room.  Finally I get up and go look and the dog has puked on the floor.  YUCK! 

Anyway, I know this stuff seems minor, but when piled on top of other stress and Chad just having left, it magnifies it all.   

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Mel said...

When it rains, it pours.
Hang in there.