Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I decided to try and make the day special for the kids. I got up and made pink pancakes for breakfast this morning. I tried to make them heart-shaped with a metal cookie cutter but even though I sprayed it, the first one stuck so I decided that them being pink was enough.

I made them each a card last night after they went to bed and put their bags together. They each got chocolates and a small stuffed animal that Addison picked out. Her and Eli got theirs on Saturday when we went to the store but since Samuel wasn't here he had to wait until today.

Later I will make Valentine's Funfetti cupcakes and decorate with strawberry icing and pink sugar. Tonight they'll each get to pick their favorite meal and have that for dinner. I'm going to attempt to cook myself a steak and hope it comes out good. We will have a candlelit dinner and they can drink out of wine glasses.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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teachermomof2 said...

Sounds like a sweet day! I just watched a guy use condiment bottles filled with colored batter to make shaped pancakes on Rachel Ray. That may be easier than using a cookie cutter. Sometimes I just mark the pancakes with the cutter...once cooked and don't go the whole way through.

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blessings, Lisa