Friday, November 5, 2010

D.C. Trip

I've been back from D.C. about a week and a half now so I figured I better get back to blogging, especially since now I know my husband, Chad, is reading it. Hi honey! I love you!
D.C. was nice. I didn't sleep well in the hotel but other than that it was fun. I made some new friends but didn't see many of the touristy things. We did find some good eats and stumbled upon a Farmer's Market that was awesome. I wish we would have seen it on the first night there instead of our last. I sampled some cranberry-lime bread and it was wonderful. I should have bought a loaf.
I did go to Arlington and it was amazing. We only had time to see about 1/4 of it probably. I did get to see the changing of the guard and then General Thurman and his wife, along with his CSM and his wife, laid a wreath at the grave in the honor of Family Readiness. It was the first time in history that it has ever been done in our honor. They played Taps and I totally lost it. Above is the guard that was on duty when we arrived. Their waists are so small and it's absolutely amazing how they stop and click their heels and manuever their rifle over to the other shoulder and then walk to the other side and do it all over again. This is the actual tomb. This is the wreath that was put up for Family Readiness.

After this, we headed over to the Kennedy gravesite and the eternal flame.
Can someone please tell me what this means? I know i've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember. There were several gravestones with rocks on them. Some had one, others had many.
While I didn't get to see much of the sights, I did enjoy what I saw and the friends I made and the small adventures we went on.
I hated the Metro and would prefer never to step foot on one again. Don't get me wrong, it was super clean and safe (and fast compared to walking or driving) but when you get motion sickness it's not so great. I had to take half a Dramamine every morning before we left for the Metro and then again in the afternoon when we headed back. The plane ride to D.C. was awful as well so on the way back I took a whole Dramamine. It helped!

More later.......

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