Thursday, April 23, 2009

What does your garden grow?

The weather has been beautiful here the past three days. Yesterday was in the upper 80's and today is supposed to be the same. The sun is shining and the trees are budding and starting to get green.

I planted my front flower bed yesterday with Addison's help. We put in begonias, dusty millers, a hosta, and an impatien. I would love to get some more plants to keep in big pots in the front and back. I really want some caladiums but haven't found any already started plants yet in any of the stores, just the bulbs. Maybe i'll get some bulbs and put them in a big pot.

I also want to make a fairy garden. I think the kids would have a great time with that. Unfortunately we are going to have to take our gazebo down. Chad put it back up yesterday and then we had high winds during the night with a storm that rolled through. It was leaning pretty badly this morning, but is fixed now. However, more strong winds are predicted for the weekend and it can't take much more of a beating. We'll just have to put it away until we move somewhere with less wind I guess.

Please enjoy this beautiful day!


Debby said...

Jessica, sorry to hear about your new gazebo :( I was going to ask you if I should risk putting one up, guess the answer is "NO"...not in the Kansas winds!! After all, Kansas does mean "people of the south wind"....ain't that the truth?!

Jessica said...

If you could find a way to securely anchor it, it may be alright. We have ours tied to our privacy fence and then weighted down with bricks and it still moves. When the canopy portion isn't on it, it's not so bad, but with that on it the wind just catches underneath and tries to life it. If you didn't mind taking off the canopy every time high winds are coming then it would be okay, but that gets to be a pain.